Thursday, August 15, 2019

Are Old Wipers Damaging Your Windshield?

Glass is hard stuff, especially auto glass—harder than the steel parts of windshield wiper frames—but these parts can scratch your windshield over time, if your blades are too worn. Most of us change wiper blades before this point because we notice they’re not cleaning the windshield properly, but sometimes a damaged blade can allow the frame to score the glass before you catch the problem and deal with it. In this article, we’ll show you what to watch for and how to recognize the signs of an abrasive wiper.

A windshield technician repairing auto glass.

How fast does it happen?
When the metal parts of a wiper make contact with the glass, they begin digging microscopic grooves right away; you just can’t see them yet. The longer the wipers run in this condition, the more defined the streaks become. If you catch the problem early, the damage may be minor enough that it can be polished out, without requiring a windshield replacement.

It’s time to replace the blades
Obviously, the most important step is to replace the blades. After that, make a note on your calendar to replace them every six months. You may save yourself from a scored windshield, and you’ll certainly have better driving visibility in the rain.

Signs that your windshield may be scratched
Here are some early warning signs of a wiper-damaged windshield:
·      Headlights and sunlight look hazy, inhibiting visibility through the windshield.
·      Even new blades fail to fully wipe away water due to microscopic droplets resting in the grooves.
·      New blades wear out quickly from the roughness of the windshield.

More reasons to replace your wiper blades
In proper condition, wiper blades do an excellent job of clearing water from the windshield, but as the edges wear, their effectiveness is greatly reduced. It’s especially noticeable when driving at night when water streaks make oncoming headlights more glaring and reduce your ability to cognitively process road signs, traffic and road conditions.

If you have a damaged windshield in the Wichita, Kansas, area, The Glassman can come to your home or office to repair it, and an average repair runs around $75—well worth it to drive safely in the rain. In some cases, we may have to replace a windshield, but if you catch the problem early, we can probably buff it out without distorting the optical qualities of the glass. Give us a call at (316) 978-0027 if you need advice on auto glass replacement or repair.

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