Monday, May 8, 2017

How to Determine Safe Stopping Distance and Avoid an Auto Collision

There are a lot of confusing how-to articles out there about calculating safe braking distance when you drive. Thank you, once again, to Auto Craft for providing this simple tutorial on how to figure distance and avoid an auto collision.

It isn’t calculus. Well, technically, stopping distances are explainable with calculus, but you don’t have to understand calculus to calculate safe stopping distances. It’s this easy:

auto collision

Start counting one-one thousand, two-one thousand, etc., as the vehicle in front of you passes any landmark. Ideally, you should be three to six seconds behind them, but two seconds should just allow you to avoid a collision as long as you are laser focused on traffic.

This technique works at any speed, under dry, normal road conditions. In conditions of darkness, bad visibility and/or wet roads, four seconds is the bare minimum. Make it six to ten seconds in snow and heavy rain.

Simple, right? No math anxiety here; just safe drivers with fewer visits to the collision center.

Watch a video about this topic:

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