Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Fast Way to Get a Body Shop Estimate

If you have an auto accident in Tulsa, Oklahoma; Junction City, Kansas, or the greater Wichita, Kansas, area, you no longer have to take your vehicle to the body shop for an initial estimate, thanks to Auto Craft’s Online Estimate Tool.

First things, first: if you have an accident, get your vehicle and yourself off the road. Contact law enforcement or other authorities, if needed, and generally get the situation under control. Those are the hard parts. The easy part is getting a repair estimate.

1. Point your smart phone or other device at and click on the “ESTIMATE TOOL” button.

2. Enter the year, model and make of your vehicle, then click “Next.”

3. Click the parts of your vehicle that have been damaged, then “Next.”

4. Snap some pictures of your vehicle, as instructed, then click “Next.”

5. Snap another picture of your Vehicle Identification Number. “Next.”

6. Write in additional damage notes, then “Next.”

7. Fill out your customer information, and “Submit.” That’s it; you’re on your way to a streamlined vehicle repair. At least one thing about having an accident is easy now, right?

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