Monday, December 5, 2016

Auto Collision Repair Tip: Be Ready for Anything

Lots of articles talk about distracted driving as it relates to texting, but there are lots of ways to get distracted behind the wheel that can and do cause auto collisions:
·      Tinkering with the radio
·      A child getting sick—or even just rowdy—in the back seat
·      A random bug or bird flies into the car.
·      You spill a drink in your lap
·      Something along the roadside captures your attention
·      Who knows what else? Life can be crazy.

Because anything can happen at any time, it’s important to keep your mind in a constant state of readiness when you’re behind the wheel. Think about the actions you’ll need to take before a tricky situation arises. Think about them often and program yourself to have the right responses “loaded up,” when you need them.

So, what do you do? Drive. When you feel your attention being pulled away from the road, make a conscious decision to focus on your driving. If you need to react quickly to an unexpected situation, do the same things you would do under calmer conditions:
·      Check your mirrors
·      Check your blind spots
·      Check traffic all around you
·      If you need to get off the roadway, use your turn signal, keep your cool, and pull safely off.

Part of staying focused on driving is being ready for anything because anything can happen. Build this into your driving mindset. Stay focused, stay ready, and stay safe. The best collision repair is the one you never needed because you were ready for anything.

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