Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Can a Windshield be Repaired?

One of the services we provide at our Kansas and Tulsa, OK, collision repair shops is windshield repair and replacement. And the biggest question is which costs less. The answer to that is easy: if it can be repaired, this option is always cheaper than replacement, averaging around $50 for each instance of damage. A complete replacement, on the other hand, can cost from one hundred to several hundred dollars.

This is what we can usually fix:
·      Bullseye chips
·      Small chips, dings and pits
·      Cracks as long as a foot
·      Star cracks
·      Rock chips up to about an inch in diameter

Anything worse than these types of damage—or even small damage near the edge of the glass, and you may require a replacement windshield.

But when you can it, repair is faster and cheaper.

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Monday, December 19, 2016

Get Ready for Winter Driving

Winter is a uniquely hazardous time for drivers because of slippery road conditions, poor visibility, and the dangers of the elements in the event of an accident or breakdown. We see an upturn in certain types of accidents in the collision repair business, but many of the problems drivers have are avoidable.

The biggest thing you can do is prepare. Keep a travel bag in the car, packed with gloves, blankets, clothes, gloves, nonperishable snacks, battery cables, a first aid kit and a flashlight. Make sure your antifreeze is good, and that you have a scraper and broom in the vehicle. Keep your tires inflated and your tank topped off. Charge your cell phone before long trips. Check weather forecasts before you depart.

Adjust your driving habits to icy conditions. Drive more slowly and be gentle with the accelerator and brake. Allow extra stopping distance and more time for your trips.

If you get stuck in the cold, stay with the car. Many more people are injured by the elements when they leave the protection of their vehicles. You’re also more visible and easier to find if you stay with the vehicle. Turn an interior light on at night and do anything else you can think of to make your vehicle to stand out to search crews.

Keep the engine off as much as possible or you risk carbon monoxide poisoning—even when you can’t smell exhaust fumes. Insulate your body with any and all materials available, from carpets to dry leaves stuffed into your garments.

Keep your head about you. If you stay calm, you’re much more likely to stay out of harm’s way.

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Monday, December 5, 2016

Auto Collision Repair Tip: Be Ready for Anything

Lots of articles talk about distracted driving as it relates to texting, but there are lots of ways to get distracted behind the wheel that can and do cause auto collisions:
·      Tinkering with the radio
·      A child getting sick—or even just rowdy—in the back seat
·      A random bug or bird flies into the car.
·      You spill a drink in your lap
·      Something along the roadside captures your attention
·      Who knows what else? Life can be crazy.

Because anything can happen at any time, it’s important to keep your mind in a constant state of readiness when you’re behind the wheel. Think about the actions you’ll need to take before a tricky situation arises. Think about them often and program yourself to have the right responses “loaded up,” when you need them.

So, what do you do? Drive. When you feel your attention being pulled away from the road, make a conscious decision to focus on your driving. If you need to react quickly to an unexpected situation, do the same things you would do under calmer conditions:
·      Check your mirrors
·      Check your blind spots
·      Check traffic all around you
·      If you need to get off the roadway, use your turn signal, keep your cool, and pull safely off.

Part of staying focused on driving is being ready for anything because anything can happen. Build this into your driving mindset. Stay focused, stay ready, and stay safe. The best collision repair is the one you never needed because you were ready for anything.