Sunday, April 24, 2016

Collision Repair Tip: What to do when your Car Breaks Down

As a collision repair shop in Tulsa, Wichita and Junction City, we love cars, of course. But they're not always our friends. When your car breaks down, it's not the coolest time to be a car owner, but a few tips can keep you safe and make the situation easier to deal with. Here are some helpful hints:

Try to remove yourself from danger
Step one is to get off the road. Coast to the shoulder and out of traffic. Push the car, if you have to, but get clear of further harm

Don’t panic, sit tight for a minute and focus
It can be difficult to think clearly in these situations. You’re probably upset and confused. Don’t become one of the statistics who gets safely off the roadway, then steps out of the car and gets hit.

Switch on your hazard flashers.
If you have emergency flares of strobes, place those beside the road in the direction of oncoming traffic, telling other drivers to steer clear.

Phone for professional help
Before you call a family member or friend, call for a tow truck. If you need police assistance, make that call. Get your safety resources lined up immediately, then make your personal calls.

Don't repair the vehicle on-site
Repairing the vehicle can be tempting, but make sure you are entirely out of harm’s way before even considering this.

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